Saturday, December 14, 2019

                                                                  December Snow

I love the snow, especially the pretty stuff, just enough to enjoy and not dangerous for driving. Well Long Island did get that surprise snow fall.  Like a child, couldn’t wait get out there and paint.  Manage to stay out for an hour, and had to quit.  Toes and fingers were starting to freeze. But if was great fun.  Happy painting everyone.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sunken Meadow Fall

Sunken Meadow Fall

I often paint at Sunken Meadow.  I try to capture the various changes that mother nature provides.  I was there in late October and started painting this scene.  Had to finish at home.  But always a delight to be out and about painting.  I do hope everyone is enjoying this fine weather we are having on L.I.  Happy Painting everyone.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

First Snow

First Snow On Millers Pond

Having a great time painting and showing  my work on etsy.  I just love painting and keeping busy.  Life goes by so quickly and it is important not to take days for-granted .  It is 8am and thinking it is time to start my day.  Do hope everyone is well and happy.  Have a great day. Please visit my store on

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Let It Snow Etsy Paintings

Snow on The Marsh
5x7 acrylic
can be purchase on my Etsy Store

5x7 acrylic snow scene also seen on Etsy

Thanks to BJ, BarbaraJoan at Heart Arts Place blog.  She has helped a great deal on my new venture.  Showing work on Etsy.
These two paintings were done yesterday I used acrylic on canvas board. Just need to find a way to link to Etsy
Happy Painting Everyone.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Getting through the heat wave

Days End at Fire Island

It's been to hot to paint outdoors.  So , in search of starting another painting, went through my photos from last year. This one is me playing with tone and color, just using the primary colors.  It's a challenge, but thought , how easy would be to go out and just take a few tubes of paint.
Hopefully I will finish this painting this week.  Happy Painting eveyone.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Painting indoors

6x8 floral still life from one of my photos

It is so very hot outside that I  have been painting inside with air conditioning blasting. But even though it is not the cold winter snowy days, I suffer from cabin fever.
Hope everyone is staying cool and happy painting.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gathering At The Marina

Mike and I went to the East Islip marina.  I always love painting plein air there.  I started sketching in oil on a linen oil primed panel. Oh, woe is me, the surface was so slick.  I like working on a gesso , textured panel.  I continued to work and thought Oh, so what ,I am having fun and do want to add people into my paintings. 
Since I love impressionism, it didn't matter to me if it wasn't realistic, so while the painting was starting to look half  way resembling an actual impression of what was there, a group of people standing behind me, thought is was so wonderful to be able to paint like that.  People are so very kind, we assume everyone that looks at our work has the eye of a critic, most people just enjoy watching the process.  So grateful to be able to go out and play with paint while enjoying the atmosphere and people doing what they love.  Happy Painting everyone.