Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A thank you to Liz, over at Liz Holm Paintings, for sending me the Lemonade Award. That was very kind of you.
Nancy over at Nancy Medina Art, I also want to thank you for sharing A Passion for Painting award with me.
Liz and Nancy are gifted artist, and I am humble by their kindness in sharing these awards with me.


  1. Joan you are welcome and so deserving of both awards!! *confetti flying*
    If you want to try to copy the logo to your blog, you right click on it, select copy, and then right click on your desktop and select paste. Then you can just upload it like you do your painting images into a post. I hope that helps! It took me a while to figure all these little tips and tricks out too. : )
    with many hugs...

  2. Hi, Joan - Nancy's directions are spot on. Plus, to add a link, there's a little "link" symbol in the tool bar when you're composing or editing posts. If you highlight the name you want to link, and click the "link symbol" it pops up a window that you can enter the blogspot address (or drag it there).
    Please feel free to email me also Lizholm@aol.com if you want. I can send jpegs of the awards if that's easier. hugs, Liz

  3. Thanks Liz, mission accomplished. Thank you so much for your help.