Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Acrylic sketch on 140lb. watercolor paper, mounted on a note book. I think the time has come that I do some serious work. All of this sketching is lots of fun, but it's time to paint and not post for awhile. Happy painting everyone.


  1. Joan, that is so beautiful. I do love your work. Where is the Percy Williams cottage and what is its history? This painting is perfect. Where are you exhibiting next? PS - Don't feel obligated to respond if you are not posting for awhile. - cjc

  2. Hi cajun,

    Thank you for stopping by and the compliment on my art. Percy Williams cottage I painted with a group. It was at the The Grange Historical Park in Sayville on Broadway Ave. I will be doing a series of these buildings. Didn't have time to take notes on the history, will be going back to do so. Cajun, I will be at the Jamesport Vineyard this weekend. July 18th, rain date July 19th, hope to see you there.


  3. Quite lovely, Joan. Wish I could visit Sayville again. Actually, live there again, too.
    Thanks for the award!:-) What a nice surprise to return to after two weeks away from blogging. I am touched. Enjoy your break and come back soon, letting us know how the larger pieces are going. Happy Painting!

  4. Joan, this is one of my favorite works of yours. It is dreamy and romantic and I just love it.

  5. Nice one Joan. Sorry you won`t be Blogging
    for a while. All the best with what you are about to do.

  6. These are charming studies. You're a smart lady to keep a sketchbook handy!

  7. Your sketches are truly wonderful, Joan. Looking forward to seeing your new paintings when you return! :-) (I'm having trouble finding easel and computer time, so I know what you mean).

  8. you are doing some nice sketches and am looking forward to what you are calling some serious painting.
    I got to work with John Pitcher on several different occassions who is a master at sketch book art. Check him out on google sometime. I sure learned a lot from John.

  9. Go Joan! Post when you have time, we'll be looking forward to it.
    Just paint!

  10. Your sketches ARE art!!!
    They are wonderful... AND as you know they add to the "formal" work you do!!
    Thank you for sharing them!!