Monday, August 24, 2009

8x10 oil on canvas board. I started this one in my studio. I will try to finish it within the week. It's to Avalon in Stony Brook tomorrow. Looking forward to painting with some people from the BAHC.


  1. I think your nap a few posts ago did you good! :) This is beautiful...great distance, clean color, simplified shapes!

  2. I like the "atmosphere" of this painting - it's so serene. Very nice!!!

  3. Hi Joan.
    Lovely to see another painting of yours, and
    this one is absolutely fantastic. I can`t see that anymore needs to be done with it. If I
    was pressurised to say something then it would
    be that there is too much foreground Water, but I would say leave it as it is. Brilliant
    painting. That lovely loose impressionistic
    feeling to it. Well done again Joan. All the best my friend.

  4. Thank you Karen, Judy, and Vic. I appreciate your comments, they are very important to me.
    Vic, I agree with you on the foreground. What impressed me about this scene was the reflections. Vic, you know I have to go back and fix it. That's what so exciting about painting never know the outcome "mess ore masterpiece". Happy painting everyone.

    Best Regards

  5. Very nice layout of this one.
    It draws me in.
    The warmth along the skyline is nice.
    I'm glad you're active with the group there.