Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Painted with the SBAA ladies, this was in Stony Brook. I don't know why the greens look so yellow, I will have to take a better picture. This is a 5x7 oil on canvas panel.


  1. The greens to me look just right in the context of the painting...I like that they're so warm and then there is that blue-ish tree in back.

  2. Hi Karen, thank you for stopping by, I respect your opinion a great deal.


  3. Nice one Joan. Not a lot to say about it really except that it is a lovely painting. All the best

  4. Hi Vic, thank you. Just came back from Shelia's blog. What a fascinating painting. I did as you suggested and zoomed in to see the figure and the dog, she's amazing. I love when a painting tells a story.

  5. It`s me again Joan,sorry. I meant to ask you if you know how to delete a follower. I have at least one that has nothing to do with Art
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