Monday, November 2, 2009

Harbes's Farm

Here we are in November, I am still working on the pumpkin farm. I will do just a little more work on this and then look forward to snow.

I have been honored by Alex Perez, by being invited into his on online Alex Perez Gallery. He has created a gallery for me in his Emerging Artist Gallery. If you click on the Alex Perez Art Galleries link I have posted you will see talented artist from all over the world. Also artist from the US. Enjoy it is a treat.


  1. Hi Joan. This is a lovely painting. They really do look like pumpkins, and the landscape colours are brilliant, well done my friend. Also congratulations on being invited
    on Alex Perez`s online gallery. What a lovely
    honour for you, well done. All the best Joan.

  2. Thank you Vic. Did you read the message I sent you. Follow Alex. I just finished this painting by adding some people. Have a great day.


  3. Yes Joan I did get your message and have replied to you. I also forwarded your comment
    about Alex to Mariano. I also looked up Alex`s Online gallery and saw you and Mariano on there. I am so pleased that you both are
    there, and you both deserve to be on there.
    My answer to you is on my blog under Just stopped raining. All the best Joan.

  4. Good news Joan!! Congrats....:-)