Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rose Shed oil sketch

Being pressed for time, I'm playing the plein air game. I give myself 45 minutes to produce a painting from one of my photo's. True I end up with little flower pots not completed and so much half painted. So in essence, these are only gestures of maybe something more to come when time allows. Happy painting everyone.


  1. Thats the spirit my friend, keep going with what ever and where ever you can paint. The last two paintings are good efforts, but I would have liked to see more definition in
    the pots, and I know you haven`t had time. I am trying to do another cat painting for my Son. He has two Cats and they are both lovely but I just can`t get it right. I asked Rosemary what is wrong with it and she doesn`t know either. It`s a tabby Cat and I got the colour wrong due to my slight Colour Blindness. I will keep going though. All the Joan.

  2. Hi Vic, thank you for your honesty it is so appreciated. I need to organize my time better. You know the " The buck stops here". In other words, no excuses. Next week I will begin earlier in the day. You have a great weekend my friend.

    It's off to make pizza dough. Family coming over for Friday night pizza.