Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just received this lovely award from Nora Mackin. It is a honor to receive this award from such a talented artist artist. I would like to pass it on to the following well deserving artist.

In my attempt at adding the 12 artist my spacing is off. So here are 2 more artist:
Jeanne Illenye
Marie Theron

Suzanne Berry

Victor Errington

Mariano Zucchi
Judy Mackey
Jill Berry
Frank A. Edwards
Karen Phipps
Joan Tavolott
Chris Ousley
Krista Hasson
Pam Johnson Brickell


  1. Hi Joan, do not apologise for passing this award to me!!!! I would dearly love to accept it, you are so kind and I will place a link to you on my page. I wonder whether "creativity and positivity" could also include some foodie blogs? And congratulations to you for receiving the Sunshine Award!

  2. Hi my friend.
    This will be the second attempt to send this message. God only knows what is happening to our computers. Congratulations Joan on receiving this award, and thank you for noninating me for it too. If I can sort it out, I will accept it, ( for which I doubt I can ) I have no idea how to start even. All the best Joan.

  3. Joan, Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am humbled and flattered.

  4. Joan, how very kind of you, thank you so very much, I'm humbled and honored. And thank you so very much for your comment!