Friday, December 10, 2010

Meadowcroft Tool shed

6x8 acrylic on canvas.


  1. I love this Joan.. Looks so serene. beautiful work.

  2. Very nice! I can almost feel the sun hitting me when I look at this.

  3. Nice one Joan!... That shed seems really happy and cozy... tucked back there!

    That nice slash of bright colour on the road in the foreground really delivers the viewer's eye back to the front door!HAHA!

    Good piece!
    Good Painting!... Happy Holidays to "You"... and "Yours" Joan

    Warmest regards,

  4. Hi Joan.
    I absolutely love this one. My, you have come a long way with your Art my friend. You have come from a good Artist to a brilliant Artist. You have really cracked it with this painting Joan. Well done, and all the best.

  5. A very special painting with a lovely atmosphere, Joan!

  6. Beautiful painting Joan. love the light hitting the trees and the light in front of the house. The trees and road are painted so nice. Amazing job on this one.!!

  7. Linda, thank you so much for the visit and very kind comment.

    Dors, it's always a pleasure to hear from you and I have been so enjoying your post.

    Darlene, thank you. Your visit is so very appreciated.

    Bruce, I just want to thank you for your generous comments and support. I am looking forward to your future work. All the best to you.

    Vic my friend you are on such a roll. God Bless you, can't wait to get back to my oils.
    All the best to you.

    Hi Marie, thank you and all the best to you.

    Hilda, thank you for the very encouraging and kind words. They are truly appreciated.

    Until next year. Happy painting to all.