Friday, January 7, 2011

Gull Haven

Worked on this one today. Still needs some tweaking. I will continue to other studies of this location.

We are getting more snow this weekend. Not a blizzard, just 2 to 5.
I would love to venture out and paint on location. Well anyway. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Great painting Joan!
    The back and forth of the tree-line.
    The flag for a focal.
    And the soft sky. You can almost feel the next flurries.

  2. Yes again my friend, I agree with Jill. Also the flag is brilliant. It really sets the whole painting off. A cracking painting all in all Joan. Well done and all the best.

  3. It is lovely and soft. Very appealing.

  4. Hi Joan,
    if you go out try to find a repaired spot on the lee of the wind, dress warmly specially head and hands. Judson sell same nice whollen gloves made in Peru. They have the last falanx of the fingertips open so you can grasp the brushes. Have a hot thermos with wathever you like to drink; finally if possible premix all of the color you think you may need on your palette before you go out. Remember if you get to cold you can always finish your oil in the studio, as long as you keep the main idea fresh. Good luck, is a great experience!

  5. Hi Joanie,

    Love the soft texture of the snow, and as Jill said the back and forth of the tree line. Makes a very interesting landscape. And yes, the yellow flag!

  6. Hi there Joan!... This "start" really successfully incorporates your usually warm landscape palette with an ermine coat! Great contrast.

    The yellow flag is a VERY clever strategy to direct the eye of your viewer to your intended thought - Gull Haven! Good for "You"!

    Thanks for your encouraging words back in my blog!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest reagrsds,

  7. Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my work. Yes Mariano, I appreciate the great advice on where to purchase outdoor wear. Jill, Your words are so encouraging to me, I am such a big fan of your work.
    Suzanne, I appreciate your visits I know how busy you are and Your work is outstanding. Virginia, I appreciate your visits and encouraging words. Promise to visit your blog.
    Thank you Vic, I love the work you have been posting my friend. Excellent!
    Suzy girl, thank you. It was fun chatting with you on webcam.
    Dear Bruce, your visit is so appreciated. Knowing you are in the midst of a very large project.
    All the best to all of you