Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Building -Connetquot Park

Happy Monday everyone. Blogging and morning coffee, a great way to wake up. This is once again, another sketch using pen and ink, watercolor in my craft paper journal.

It seems that I hit on a new way to procrastinate. In doing these sketches my paintings that were started last week remain incomplete.

So that being said, I will begin my day.
Maybe it's time to organize my studio, then I will get cracking on finishing my oil paintings.

Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Your mornings start like mine -- coffee, Flickr ... WONDERFUL job on this Joan ....Super contrasts and loose sketching that inspires ... wonderful!! Snow -- I want at least one more, please! LOL

  2. I haven`t seen this type of painting for some time now. I don`t know if you know what it is called, but just incase you don`t, it`s called a Vinyet. It`s where the outside of a painting is left undone. Did you intend to leave the outside unpainted? I like it my friend, well done.

  3. Hi Lin,

    Thank you so much for your comment. This snow was a quick moving one, it's almost melted. I hope you get your wish for one more pretty snowfall.

    All the best

  4. Good morning my friend. Yes I have heard of the vinyet style of painting. This is the first time I attempted doing one. I am learning a great deal from Brian Ryder. Vic, please let me know if your friend who works in pen and ink, what kind of pens does he use.

    Have a great day

  5. Hi Joanie,

    Your sketches are always so interesting, all these wonderful places on LI. Very nice sketch of this old building, I like that craft paper journal.

  6. Hi Sue,

    Thank you. Have you been using your craft paper journal? Talk soon.