Friday, August 26, 2011

While Waiting for Irene

Good morning. Well we are about to have a visitor this weekend. Thought it would be best to post while we have the comforts of home, like electricity. The first is a painting of a corner house with a lovely Rose of Sharon tree. It's an acrylic 8x10. The other two are sketches, one using my moleskine, the mug isn't really painted tilted, it isn't really a good photo, the onions another addition in my veggie journal. To all living in the track of Irene, stay safe. Happy weekend to all.


  1. Nice summer sketches... in a long and sustained skein Joan! I too... hope that Irene does not cause pain and havoc to coastal folk.

    Good painting!... and do stay safe!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Lovely sketches Joan and nice to see you got your Moleskine out :) I love your acrylic piece too. I just can't work with acrylics at all. You and Mike stay safe from Irene! Best wishes Michael.

  3. Hi Joan.
    Two lovely sketches and a lovely painting. I DITTO
    the words of Bruce and Michael. Pleas stay safe.
    Talk to you later my friend and GOD bless.

  4. GREAT JOB, Joan!!! LOVE LOVE that house ... thinking of you and Joan, my sisters and mom and all folks along the path of Irene ... stay safe, my friend!

  5. Be safe Joan...thinking of you in LI.......lovely work! Best,

  6. I love this painting very much, Joan!! The sketches are great as well. I have been told to evacuate my home. I'm a block away from the beach here in East Rockaway. I'll be staying with my daughter hopefully I'll have a house to go back to. Stay safe, Joan

  7. Nice work on these!!!!

    Stay safe!!!

  8. Stay safe. Great works of art. It is good to have multiple artistic outlets for different mediums.

  9. I hope Irene left you in peace and safety, Joan! I experienced Ike in 2008 and I hope your storms are over now and all soon back to normal!

  10. THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful comments and support. Once I am able to I will make my usual visits and enjoy all of your post.

    All the best to you all and Happy Painting,