Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taking A Break

Thought I would post this one I did during the summer. It has been posted before the title Summer Lovin. My grandchildren are coming home this weekend and there is much to do, like stocking our pantry with lots of junk food.

Tomorrow I will be taking my computer to Staples for a check up, I might need to purchase a new one, oh boy, that's going to be a problem trying to transfer all of my files. Don't have a clue how that's done. I should be back posting early next week. Hope all is well with everyone and happy painting to all.


  1. Hi Joanie,

    Love the peaceful mood of this painting. The figures blend with the setting, very relaxed. Well done, Joan. Have fun with the kiddies this weekend.


  2. This is just so lovely Joan that it deserves to be posted twice! Have a lovely break with your grandchildren - not got any myself yet but I'm sure it's only a few years off and I'm quite looking forward to it!

  3. Fabulous painting, Joan -- so inviting! Good luck with the computer -- ask the folks there to transfer the files to an external drive or thumb (I think that's what they call those small, portable things) for you -- not hard at all!

  4. Hi Joan.
    This is a cracking painting my friend. Everything about it is great. I don`t envy you if you have`to transfer all your files to another computer. The very best of luck with that one Joan. Enjoy your Grandchildren and family. All the best Joan.

  5. Hi there Joan!... Good luck with the computer thingy... a real pain!

    A time out is a great idea... when your grandkids are around to be played with!Have a great weekend Gramma Joan!

    Warmest regards,

  6. you have nice artworks. thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Hope the weekend was fun with the grands and that your computer checkup went well.

  8. This painting is beautiful, Joan. Beautiful soft colors..love it!! I hope you enjoyed your time with the grandkids!! Bonding time!!!