Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sagamore Hill

I have been wanting to go to Sagamore Hill, the home of Teddy Roosevelt. It's located in Oyster Bay. Mike and I had a great day, we hiked down a steep wooded path to get to the beach.

Not wanting to take all of my equipment, all I had was a watercolor sketch pad and my brush pens.

The first sketch is with the brush pens on location. The second is a pen sketch and then watercolors.

I started a 9x12 acrylic painting yesterday, still working on that one, will post next week. My little chicks are coming home for a visit tonight.

Happy Painting everyone and have a great weekend.


  1. Hi there Joan!... Both are lovely plein air gems!

    I particularly love the lower one... with its overall atmospheric softness... an odd sweeping and equally freely drawn contsruction line revealing itself and directing the eye!

    You really have nailed the essence of the value of taking the trouble to get "out there" Joan. And hats off to Mike to aqccompany and share these moments with "You"!!!!

    Does it get any better? "I" think not!!

    Good Painting!...Sketching!... and Adventuring!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Both are so expressive. I admire your willingness to work for your art. I used to hike out often - you just inspired me to begin again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. JOAN! So warm, inviting, filled with wonderful light and movement!! GORGEOUS!!! LOVE what you do!

  4. So interesting. I just read an article about the updating of his house!

  5. Wonderful sketches!!! I've lost count of the number of times I've said that I really MUST get out and do something en plein air and this post just drives it home to me. I am inspired. ;-)

  6. These sketches are really wonderful, Joan!! I love the looseness of the watercolor! Great job, as always!!

  7. Hi Joan,
    a very expressive feeling to this work!

  8. Hi Joan.
    These two paintings are really delightful to look at. ( Never used that word before, so you are honoured my friend). They are really lovely to look at Joan. Keep doing these wonderful plein air paintings. All the best Joan.

  9. You had such a busy weekend...a visit to Teddy's home, a visit from your family, and our show. I'm amazed that you found time to do these two beautiful sketches too!!! Wasn't the show great??? I posted a few photos of the work. I had planned on taking some photos of us too, but I was gabbing too much. lol

  10. You did a great job on these. You really captured the feel of the place as well as the look.

  11. This something I usually don't like to do, I think if all of you take the time to comment, then I should at least reply. So please excuse me this time for grouping all of you in one comment.

    To Bruce, I thank you kind sir for your comment.
    Lin, as always it wonderful seeing your visit and comments and always look forward to seeing your latest post.
    T. Gomez, thank you Trudy and visit from you is always appreciated.
    Pam, thank you so much, as I look at your lovely poinsettia painting.
    John, as always your visits are so very appreciated, your latest post was profound and beautiful. Hilda, Thank you, love your latest portrait, you are an amazing talent. Mariano, thank you for the visit and kind words. Love your Santa portrait I bet your grand daughters are delighted with that painting. Vic, my friend as always it's a joy hearing from you. Joan, thank you for the visit and for finding Seatuk, I am going back there to do more sketches. Douglas, I will pay your blog a visit, so sorry for my delay.
    To all of you Happy Painting.

    All the best to all,

  12. These two are gorgeous. Very loose and confident.
    Have a happy creative new year,