Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miller's Pond Snow Scene

Snow scene at Miller's Pond.  This is a watercolor on a 140lb. watercolor paper , from cousin Sue.  Love the texture of the paper, still some getting use to how it responds to the paint.  Aint easy, but love it anyway.  Yesterday I was with my art group. It's wonderful working with fellow artist.  The temps reached 64, but we were not outdoors, we met at the Bayshore Library.


  1. Beautiful painting Joan. I enjoy painting with other artists too, but that is at workshops. Wish there was a group locally here to join.

  2. I love this ... it takes me into a serene moment with the hope of sunshine on the far bank. Your art just keeps improving!
    Blessings, T

  3. nice Joan. Love those posted sketches you did a few days ago. 64? Maybe about late May here. LOL

  4. Beautiful painting Joan. Makes me cold just looking at it!

  5. Hi there Joan!... Nice sketch... lovely subdued tones and mood! Successful watercolouring demands experimentation with a variety of papers... until one finds those that you begin to understand and enjoy!

    Each paper receives pigment in a different way... and pigments ... particularly the earth ones respond differently... and each dries differently.

    You are really going about it in the right way!

    Famous American watercolourist John Pike said it best:

    "You have only begun to unserstand watercolour... when you have painted a thousand."

    That's the truth too Joan! Paint! Paint!... and Paint some more!.... Just like you're doing so successfully!

    PS Google John Pike... there's a great book in there!

    Good Watercolouring!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Good for you for getting out there and painting plein-air. Very admirable. It's lovely. I sympathize with trying to figure out watercolour paper! They are so different and react so differently depending on water, pigment and weather.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Gorgeous painting, Joan! I love the depth that you captured in the snow! The trees look wonderful! You're getting better and better!!

  8. Hi Joan my friend.
    You have done a cracking job here, I love it. You have depicted the snow beautifully. Also you have done a great job of the bare tree in the foreground. All brilliant Joan. Did you receive your DVD? All the best Joan.

  9. Just beautiful Joanie! Lovely, wintry setting. I must try the paper.


  10. Thank you all so much. My son is here for a visit and we are on our way to visit his brother (his twin). Happy painting to all.