Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Two With Charles Reid

My second day home from Virginia, missing my grand children, keeping busy.   What I love the most about studying a new technique, is that it's so incredibly difficult. There isn't a preconceive notion that I know what I am doing, hence , no expectations for success, and acceptance of failure.  All par for the course.  That being said, on to a life drawing experiment the Charles Reid way.  Happy painting everyone.


  1. Hello Joan:) This is a very beautiful painting. I love the shadows and the color of the vase. Keep on going! Happy painting!

  2. Joan,
    I love the colors... the reds are so rich.
    I can very much relate about the grandkids. Don't get to see mine very often because of distance in miles.
    So wonderful that we have the JOY of painting in our lives!

  3. You handle paint so masterfully. Looks like you are enjoying the new technique. Great job.

  4. Une très jolie composition où les couleurs swinguent bien ensemble...
    Gros bisous

  5. Really beautiful. I love how you painted the flowers!

  6. I can tell you are getting enjoyment from your work! That's what life and art should be. I like the way you are bringing shadows into the composition. Red always draws ones eye in. Easter blessings to you and your lovely family!

  7. I really love the freshness in this watercolor, lovely and transparent!

  8. Charles Reid is so wonderful. His flower DVD's are great. I also like the DVD's of British artist David Curtis, both his watercolour and oil lessons.

  9. Good Morning Joan and Happy Easter to you Mike and your Family!

    Glad to se you hard at work with your "study of Charles Reid." He has a wonderfully unique and easily recognizable style of watercolouring. Worth looking at!

    Do be careful however... that like others of his (too)close and now indistinguishable disciples... that you don't succeed in losing Joan's own truly admirable characteristics and stylisms! Just a thought!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  10. Hi Joan.
    Your Flower paintings are really first class. I gather you are looking at Charles Read`s DVD`s. theres no one better with watercolours, except you of cours. Sorry I haven`t been around my friend. But will do my best to get back into it again. All the best Joan.

  11. I thank you all so very much. I will come a pay your blogs a visit.

    All the best