Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painting to the Beat of the Drums

Painting at the Vanderbilt Museum , Live Art and Drum Festival 
Vanderbilt Estate Overlooking Long Island Sound
5x7 Gouache

Sunday was one of those glorious days on Long Island.  Rich Rivkin  has created and organized these events.  Joining musicians and artist to come together and do what they love.  Paint, dance or play music.  It usually takes place on these magnificent sites such as the Vanderbilt Estate great lawn over looking Long Island Sound or the Heckscher Park Museum in Huntington.


  1. Beautifully painted, Joan. Vanderbilt Estates is a perfect place for you to paint...Excellent piece..

  2. Wow, Your brave.
    If I was wearing all white I'd look like a cheap abstract expressionist painting by the end of the day.
    You look great and so does the work.

  3. Hi Joanie,

    Beautiful setting and your painting does it justice. I hope you get this comment. I agree with Jim, your are brave for wearing white!!!!!


  4. Brave for wearing white and brave for painting so publicly. Hats off to you for that. The painting is fabulous and I really like your greens and the way you've captured the sunshine. Lovely work Joan. ;)

  5. Hi Joan.
    this is one beautiful painting my friend. I love the distant colour of the water, and I like the way that the trees on the left are higher than the ones on the right. Spot on Joan. The boats are just the right size as well. My you are a wonderful artist. All the best Joan.
    P.S. I love your White suit.

  6. Dear fellow bloggers, thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. Still pressed for time, I would much rather visit your blogs.

    All the best