Saturday, October 27, 2012

Smithtown Historical Society Barn

Painting the Barn 
Yesterday painting at the Smithtown Historical Society Park
Not a very good picture of the painting, it was still wet and couldn't get rid of the glare, the colors a little off also.  Maybe once it dries it will look a little better.  It was started on location and completed today at home.

It's 8x10 oil on an old piece of Luan board.  So basically it's just a study.  We are expecting a huge storm, that will encompass the Southeast all the way up to the Northeast states including Maine.  Oh, my, never have seen a storm this large.  Expected to start tomorrow evening.  So to all my fellow bloggers, stay safe. 


  1. Hi Joan,
    this is an amazing painting, as always..something about barns that I love!! This will be my last post for awhile because of the Storm. The tide is very high, so I can't get out of my neighborhood right now anyway!..we were told to evacuate yesterday, so hopefully it won't be too late! I'm not sure where you live, so stay safe!!

  2. Hi Hilda,

    I was thinking about you and your family. Stay safe, I thought you would have evacuated. We live in Central Islip, but I don't think anyone is safe from this tremendous storm.