Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Calm Before The Storm

Farm out east wip 2
22x28 oil on canvas
Farm out east, wip 1
The storm, meaning  my grand children's visit.  Had some extra time today and started work on this 22x28 canvas.  I've been wanting to go larger, this canvas was in my art room for years, intimidated by the size and couldn't get myself to ruin a good piece of canvas.  Today I noticed that it had been ruined, so it was a green light to go and jump in, and paint, had nothing to loose.  This is no where near completion but it is a start.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. VERY nice, Joan. I love to see these paintings of farms on Long Island!...they're slowly disappearing and so sad...we're now in Wine country, which is wonderful as well...but I'll miss the little old barns we have here!! I look forward to seeing these finished...22 x18 Wow! that's a challenge!!

  2. Hi Hilda,

    Thank you for the visit and encouragement, this is a big step for me, the canvas is 22x28. It was actually ruined in the lower right hand side, so I had no fear attacking a canvas this size. I have gone as big as 18x24, so this is a challenge.

    All the best to you,

  3. I know the feeling, Joan. I have three largish canvasses just sitting in a corner mocking my fear. But this has inspired me to grab one of them and show it who is boss. I am always in awe of Donald Jurney when he sets into a five footer without a thought.
    Keep blogging.