Friday, May 10, 2013

Recent work

watercolor study , Rocks at Kings Park Bluff
Morning sketch
Trader Joe's flowers
New toy, watercolor plein air easel
charcoal study of trees
It's been a busy time, meaning that Spring Has Sprung, flowers are in bloom, and it is all so beautiful.
Also, a new toy, my water color plein air easel.  All in all, it is time to get ready for up and coming shows. I haven't been able to post that often , but have been enjoying my fellow bloggers post.  I will try to pay all of you a visit.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Hi my friend.
    Joan, I can`t find fault with any of your studies, they are all really lovely delicate paintings. The figures in your Kings Bluff painting are brilliant. they are what we all call, suggestive, and you are a master at that, distant figures. Love your easel. Surely you can use it for Oils as well eh? All the best Joan. Keep going and you will soon be up there with the Masters.

    1. Hello my friend, I thank you so much for the very generous comment. It was necessary to change my comment settings. I started getting these annoying comments from anonymous. So I think from now on I will be sent an email for my approval of comments. I think that is how yours is set up. Please wish Rosemarie a very Happy Mothers Day.

      All the best to you,