Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow is on the way

Christmas Journal Entry 
Good morning fellow bloggers.  So happy to hear the weather report, we are indeed getting some of the white stuff.  Don't know why I love it so much, it brings back memories of my childhood and loving being out there frolicking with friends.  Of course not wishing for a blizzard, just enough of the pretty stuff for safe travel.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Lovely watercolour painting Joan. You are equally good with watercolour as you are with oils my friend.
    All the best Joan.

  2. Hi Joan!... This colourful Christmas watercolour backdrop... and the forecast of snow... surely get your "Annual Christmas Concert" viewing audience into an excited spirit of anticipation for the winter plein air painting season!

    Good luck with it!

    Warmest regards,

  3. What beautiful poinsettias...this is definitely a lovely page in your journal. Have a great day.

  4. So lovely Joan, You do so well in both mediums...
    I'm still around, not painting all that much but I'm on my Journey blog for now..
    and you can keep the snow. LOL ! But I too remember the fun we had as kids, use to live in N.J.

  5. Poinsettias are such beautiful flowers for the season and you painted it BEAUTIFULLY, Joan! I am SO looking forward to the snow. I don't like to drive in it but love to look at it through my window!

  6. Such a cheerful painting! What a great way to mark the season!