Sunday, February 2, 2014

Waiting for Spring

Influenced by Cezanne
a still life study wc
11x14 acrylic
Hello fellow bloggers, although I haven't posted, my days are full with study in whatever media appeals to me.  I recently found a post on fb of a free book of Cezanne's watercolor paintings.  While I hate to admit that I am not a big fan of Cezanne's landscape, shame on me for he was a genius. I do love his watercolor still life and his oils still life paintings/.  That being said, one of my studies was inspired by Cezanne and I set up a still life, what I did was a sketch on cheap paper in my little journal, but, gotta say, it opened the channel to my own creativity and before the winter is over, I will try to approach a still life on canvas using oils on a larger scale.

Charles Reid is another artist I admire for his watercolor technique, contour drawing and then wc.  While his technique is appealing, I choose not to imitate but only to be inspired to study.

The acrylic painting is a scene from my ipad, it's of Sunken Meadow.  I used a technique that  John Hammond uses in his acrylic paintings, that is with using acrylic gloss medium instead of water. I find it incredibly difficult, but then again it is all difficult, that is what I love about art./  It aint easy. It constantly draws the artist or person in, to strive and to learn and life is never boring.  So that being said, do hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying this wonderful God Gift that we all enjoy so much.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Hi Joan.
    I like your enthusiasm. You certainly give it a go. lovely sill life and a landscape, waterscape. Well done my friend. All the best.

    1. Thank you my friend, I hope you are feeling better and look forward to seeing your next post. We are knee high in snow once again, actually 10inches. I painted by my dining room window yesterday. Take care my friend.

      All the best to you and Rosemary,