Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pein air vs studio painting, that is the question ?

Coindre Hall 8x12 oil

Yesterday, my group and I went to Huntington, to paint at Coindre Hall.  We have been meeting every Tuesday to paint out doors.  It has been a struggle for me, but it is so worth the difficulties we face when painting on location.  I love it and hopefully if it means getting out everyday, just to do a quick sketch it will be so worth the effort.

So it is the old question that  most artist ask: Plein air vs Studio painting.  When in the studio we have our reference material and it is always so much  more comfortable, not easier just less stressful.  But when we paint outdoors, everything surrounds us, the atmosphere the colors the weather and of course sounds. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

Many times when we go out and a painting is started on location and I will finish it at home, or it gets stored with the incomplete pile of work.

I have missed blogging and all my fellow bloggers. Face Book has got me under it's spell , I post daily, it's quick and easy.  But does not compare to the down home feeling that is achieved  blogging with kindred spirits.

Hope all is well and I have been enjoying the lovely work posted on my side bar.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Hi Joan, welcome back my friend. this is a lovely painting with lots of detail. The boats look great as does the horizon. Joan I would love to produce my painting in the studio, but I really enjoy Plein air, that is why we go out to paint, it`s not what we produce, it`s the feeling we get. All the best my friend.

    1. Thank you my friend, I also love plein air it makes me feel alive and Mike enjoys being out there in the fresh air also. I have tried to go out more than once a week. Even if it means painting in my yard. My friend invited me to paint in her garden. She grows flowers and veggies. I still feel a little overwhelmed being out there, but hope to get used to it soon. All the best to you .

  2. SO glad to see your gorgeous landscapes again. (I missed you!!!!) This painting is so beautiful.. the scene and colors are eyes take me all over the canvas.! My daughter is an RN working at Huntington Hospital and I often go there. The town is beautiful and so many perfect spots for plein air painting. I am the one with the camera in my hands since I don't paint outside but I imagine it would be wonderful...We all need fresh

    1. Hello my friend, thank you for the kind words and visit. We passed the Huntington Hospital on our way to Coindre Hall. Next Wednesday we are going to the Old Westbury Gardens to paint. Looking forward to that. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Looking forward to more of you wonderful portraits, do hope you feel better about the last portrait you did, I thought it was brilliant. Stay cool and enjoy your summer.