Saturday, October 18, 2014

In my backyard

Oil sketch in my yard
oil sketch

Today was a relaxing day in the yard.  Just me and Mo.  After a wonderful time
at the Conklin House reception last night, and high light of the evening was
my blogging friend Hilda was there with a friend..  Hilda entered two of her wonderful painting one of the Horse and second
apples.  She is an amazing artist, and a beautiful person.  So very happy to have met her on the blog.

After always going a distance to find a interesting spot to paint only to be disappointed, today, I thought why not,
just go in the yard.  Packed my plein air gear, learning that less is best, my load was light, so
Mo and me enjoyed a wonderful day painting.
Now it's time for laundry and chores. Happy Painting everyon.


  1. I love these oil paintings Joan, especially the first one!!! Just to show you that a reference photo can be right in front of us!. As always, it was so wonderful to see you again! Every time we meet, I feel as if we've known each other for so long...this is why I love blogging! The two paintings you displayed at the Conklin House looks even better in person. See you tomorrow!

    1. Hilda, it was fun and I look forward to our next show we do together. I am happy Mike got to me John, and they do have a lot in common. Take care.


  2. Hi my friend.
    I love the first one as Hilda did. I`m so glad you have met Hilda Joan. Going by her Blog she is a brilliantly lovely woman. When you say MO, do you mean Monet? If so, Did she stay with you while you painted? I wouldn`t think so. Have a nice day Joan, All the best.

    1. Good morning my friend. Were your ears ringing yesterday? Hilda and I are so very fond of you and yes Mo is Monet's alias. He is my little side kick, he loves sitting with me, while I paint. He is a joy.

      Take care,