Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11

Tomato and Lettuce
4x6 oil on RayMar panel

So happy I didn't officially join the 30 day challenge.  It does take away
the anxiety of sticking with the challenge.  But I will try to continue
Painting everyday is great, especially after the holidays.  It is
so difficult to get back into the swing of things.
So no complaints.  I shall continue, but staying in and not
going out to paint, is giving me cabin fever.

Maybe it's a good idea to paint no fattening foods like veggies
and fruits.

Happy Painting everyone.


  1. I'm here to catch up on your paintings for the challenge. Nice pieces!! It is a good way to get back into the swing of painting daily. Somehow the holidays found a way to slow things down. This looks yummy...are you making us lunch? I'm off to work on the next layer on my painting. It should be dry by now.

    1. Thank you Joan, wouldn't you rather have something else for lunch. Like pizza? lol.
      I'm enjoying the challenge and I love what you are painting.

  2. Oh, your doing so good... I almost wish I'd joined again... I said 'almost'. lol

    1. Hi BJ, I never joined, just doing this on my own. Didn't trust myself to go all the way. So far I am keeping up, and it is fun. But glad I didn't join officially. Thank you for the visit and I love what you have been painting for your etsy shop, just beautiful work.

  3. Nice one my friend, you have got the Lettuce and the Tomato just right . All the best Joan.

  4. Yumm! It looks good enough to eat!! Well done, my friend!!!!