Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12

Brightwaters Pond
skaters, just a quick sketch in oil
Painted plein air from the car
5x7 oil on canvas

Yesterday I tested my mini paint box.  Mike
Mo and me went to Brightwaters.  A lovely
hamlet of beautiful homes surrounding a pond.
The skaters and their family were there enjoying
a lovely day.  Family members gathered and watch
their sons and daughters enjoying a hockey game.

As for the box, it was perfect and I look forward to
using it through the cold days of winter.  I took
enough photos to use as references as well.

Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Good for you Joan. I like what you accomplished -- the mood is especially great,

    1. Thank you Julie, really enjoying my little painters box, thanks to you. I just received the slip in easel that can be used with the 5x7 box. It's great, I can do larger works from 5x7 , 6x8, and 8x10. All the best to you, Joan.

  2. Wonderful little painting, Joan!!! Looks bigger than 5x7 !! love the skaters !

    1. Hilda, thank you so much for the very kind comment. Having so much fun using this little box. All the best to you,