Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24

4x6 watercolor
hot press paper

So glad I didn't officially commit to this challenge. Coming to an end
and it is so difficult to remain  enthusiastic .

We are having a  sloppy winter mix, snow , rain and just plain nasty.
Even Monet has cabin fever.

Oh well, tomorrow it will be better.

Happy Painting Everyone.


  1. Beautiful bouquet, Joan. Your watercolors are wonderful....

  2. Thank you Hilda, you are very kind. So happy this challenge is coming to an end.
    I look forward to showing our work together.

  3. Hi my friend.
    I have just found out why my comments havent reached you, i have been posting them via my ipad. don`t know why but there it is. I posted a comment on this one via my ipad, but it didn`t take. I`m doing this one on my laptop. Lovely painting Joan. All the best.