Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29

The first step just sketching in stage
Strawberries and Cream
5x7 oil on canvas panel

I started this from a set up, had to work quickly.  Dealing with
fresh fruit or flowers , one can't dilly dally.  Thank goodness
for digital cameras.  I took a photo and will finish this
when the paint dries a bit.

Happy to say one day left to this challenge. Must start
getting ready for up and coming shows.
Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Two lovely paintings my friend, this and the Gazebo one. Real impressionistic Style. Nearly there Joan, one to go? All the best.

    1. Oh Happy Day, my dear friend, please remind me never to do this again. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Now it will be a natural course of painting and sketching and learning. All the best to you and thank you.

  2. I love the "painterly" look Joan!! Very loose and beautiful!!!

    1. Hello Hilda, how are you doing, are you getting snow, we are. Thank you my friend for the visit and the kind words. Still trying to think of what to bring to the brush barn in April. Looking forward to it and spending the weekend with you and introducing you to my artist friends. Stay warm.

  3. This looks like it will be lovely when you are done with it. I finished my last painting for the challenge this afternoon. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, but since the weather is so cold I'm not going out as often...although I did go out to paint the snow from my car these last few days. It is nice to have something to make our landscapes look a little different. Happy painting!

    1. Hi Joan, we did it, and I feel the same way, What's Next?. Well you are right about not going out, have not desire to be out there. Maybe from my living room window. Stay warm and thank you for the visit.