Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9

5x7 acrylic sketch on paper.

My new guerrila paint box. What I love most about blogging , I
get so many great ideas and tidbits.  Julie Ford Oliver, has inspired
me, as well as so many of you fine artist that are blogging.
My new purchase, the pocket box from Guerrila, is on 6x7.  First
saw this on Julies blog.  I wanted to have a small enough
and yet sturdy box to paint on my lap in the car.
We are having such cold weather on Long Island, it is too dangerous
to go out and paint, so this little box will enable me to go
out with Mike and just do 5x7 sketches.

Happy Painting ever
Check out Julies art, she's great.
Art Talk, Julie Ford Oliver


  1. The perfect website for you Joan!! This is beautifully painted and using this website for your challenge is the way to go!!!

    1. Thank you Hilda, I am having fun. I will try to get over to Brightwaters today, and sketch the skaters on the pond. Stay warm, my friend.

  2. Julie is very inspirational isn't she? I'm lucky enough to have a terrific bunch of blog-buddies. Nice paint box!

    1. John, oh yes, Julie is very inspirational. I am learning so much just by visiting her blog. As for the paint box, a sheer joy. I am on my way to visit your blog.

  3. Joan, I have already made a reply on this one, what has happened to it? Talk later my friend.

  4. Don't worry my friend. I will email you.