Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Unofficial 30 Day Challenge

Primrose and Lemons
Primrose on wc paper

I was unable to start the 30 day Challenge, but would
love to try it on my own.  I have 3 more paintings to do
today, so that I will be on the 7th day tomorrow.

These are quick watercolor sketches and not intented
to be perfect little works of art,

So just for fun, with out too much thought or
anxiety, I will join the others in trying to
keep up each day.  My hat is off to those artist who have
signed up for the challene.


  1. A great way to 'challenge yourself'. These are none stressful , but keeps you on your toes.
    Good idea.. I myself have not joined this time.. Next time maybe?

    1. Hi BJ, and Happy New Year. Do hope you enjoyed the holidays. I am not officially on the 30 day challenge. Started it to late, but I wanted to catch up and actually do the 30 days.
      So today I added 3 more sketches. You are right, one doing it on your own, it's great practice without the stress.
      All the best to you,

  2. Looks like fun, Joan, not sure I'm quick enough yet

    1. Hi John,
      It is fun,especially when you are not officially signed up with the 30 day challenge. Maybe the next time you can join me.

      All the best to you,