Monday, April 20, 2015

The Brush Barn Show

Hilda and Me at the Brush Barn Show

It was a delightful weekend.  Enjoyed the company of my friend Hilda at
the Brush Barn Show.  So happy that through blogging we met and
Hilda came to one of my outdoor shows.  Now she is also showing her
lovely work.  She is an amazing artist and a beautiful person. It's a
joy to know her.


  1. Thank you so much Joan for inviting me to join you at the Brush Barn show! It was SO wonderful seeing you and Mike again. I have to say your paintings are even better in person! Looking forward to seeing your next piece!

  2. Hi Joan.
    It`s lovely to see my two friends together. It`s the first time that i have seen Hilda. She looks great. Glad that you are doing well with your painting. All the best to the two of you and Mike of cours.

  3. Hope you get this message about the RTis Tx boards--- I'm devastated that they aren't picking up the phone.... Would love to know where to get them now.

    1. Hi Joyce, will try again today. I purchased arches watercolor board as an alternative. If you have any other suggestions it would be appreciated. All the best to you.

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