Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wake Up Call

Without a frame
Without the frame

In my desire to get the proper frame for my mini's, I overlooked one important fact.
How well does the painting stand on it's own.  After all that 's what we do, isn't it? paint
then it's presentation.  

After my good friend pointed out, if I paint any smaller, we won't see the painting.  That's
when the light bulb went off, if a painting has good design, tone, light source and color, then
the frame only plays second fiddle to the actual work.

Again I thank Vic, looking at these two paintings that are still not completed, I will focus
on all the rules that we all work so hard to achieve.

Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Two beautiful mini's !!! The vase in the first painting looks so glossy and realistic, Joan...REALLY beautiful !
    The framing is just the icing to the cake...

  2. Yes, i ditto what Hilda said my friend, both beautiful. The top one is fantastic. Lovely vase too.
    Well done Joan. All the best.

  3. Beautiful minis Joanie, I don't know how you paint so small. I agree with Hilda and Vic, the first painting is great and the mini frames enhances them. You always keep it painting exciting!!