Monday, June 29, 2015

Going Fishing

Going Fishing

My friends and I want plein painting last week.  I started this on location
and finished it at home.
I am trying out the Holbein duo aqua oil paints, no solvents needed,
I just ordered the Cobra water mixable oil paints as well, trying them
and then I will decide on which I prefer.  They are great fun and it's all
very exciting learning how to achieve certain techniques using them.
Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Full marks for a lovely impressionist painting my friend. We went out last Wednesday to Chiddingstone. Going out tomorrow to St Pauls cray. All the best Joan.
    Vic .

  2. Thank you my friend for the lovely comment. Happy to hear you out and painting plein air with your group. It's raining today, so our group will go out tomorrow. Enjoy your summer my friend and keep those lovely paintings coming.
    All the best. Joan

  3. Your pieces have such a wonderful style to them. Lovely job on this!! It was great seeing you at the Lighthouse last week. I am hoping to get out painting with all of you soon.

  4. Thank you Joan, yes, it would be wonderful if you can join us, now that we are painting on Wednesdays.