Saturday, July 18, 2015

Studies using Water Mixable Oil

House overlooking the water Sony Brook
Stony Brook, Behind the Grist Mill
waterfall behind the Stony Brook Gristmill

In the last few weeks I have been experimenting with different brands of  oil mixable oil paint.
Holbein Duo aqua, Cobra, and Artisan

The best being Holbein, but I used the Cobra because I was able to use water through the
painting process.  It is really not advised to use water other than the initial lay in of colors.

I did however try the Winsor Newton Artisan brand that is quite thick and must be thinned with wn linseed oil.

All in all I have been busy painting this summer. Happy Painting Everyone.


  1. Really like the palette, Joan., and really love these paintings too, infact I always like this type of your work that is pure Joan Sicignano

    1. Thank you John for the lovely compliment. I appreciate your visit and encouragement. All the best to you, Joan

  2. Hi my friend.
    Top and Bottom one`s very good, Middle one fantastic. It really is a good painting Joan, full marks for the middle one. I found Windsor and Newton Artisan paints okay Joan, I never had`to thin them. All the best to the three of you Joan.

    1. Hello my friend, thank you. I like the middle one also. Oh Vic, I went back to painting with traditional oils and acrylics. I keep going back and forth but I love them all. Did you thin the Windsor Newton Artisan paint with water?. Still have to play little more with them until I know how to handle them. All the best to you and Rosemary.

  3. Behind the Grist Mill confirms my love for Long Island, Joan! Three beautiful pieces!!

    1. Hello my friend , thank you Hilda. we painted at Port Jeff today. Just wanted to be near water and away from the summer greens. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

      All the best to you,