Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bellport Beach House

Started this on location, but was not able to get back and had to finish
in the studio.  There is so much controversy going on about painting
and finishing on location.  Painting from photos are so necessary at
times, not a favorite of mine.  But truth be told, I really need to have
some form of reference to work from without the guilt of using
photo's.   I know that is silly, there are so many great artist out there that
rely on photo's.
Maybe a balance is the best way to go., paint from life and photo references.
I know there are places that Mike and I will never be able to see, so why not
use the free photos.  Oh, don't mind me, maybe another cup of coffee is needed.
Happy Painting Everyone.


  1. Hi my friend.
    You have produced a lovely painting hare Joan. When i can`t go out then i use photos that i have taken myself or whatever. Don`t take any notice of people that say you shouldn`t use photos. if we cant get out we have got to use photos. Do they expect us not to paint, rubbish. All the best Joan.

    1. Oh Vic, I knew you would have words of wisdom to get me back to healthy thinking. You are so right , photos are fine and I will continue to work from them. I also like the free photos 4 artist web site. It's a wonderful way to see the rest of the world. Okay, thank you again my friend. All the best to you. Joan

  2. I think I painted plein aire twice in my life.... I like it ...however... I took photos before I left and when I was looking at the photos later on I saw so many details that I didn't see when I was there. I guess that means I shouldn't do it again! lol You are definitely a plein aire Artist Joan...because you paint what needs to be seen!!! I think I need another cup of coffee!!
    This Bellport Beach House is perfectly painted!!!!

    1. Hilda thank you so much, I love your work and you are an inspiration to me. Don't know how I got on this kick about working from photos. It's perfectly okay and so many great artist like you have painted wonderful paintings. I've been helped by two wonderful friend You, and Vic. see you in October.