Friday, January 22, 2016

Draw, Draw, Draw

So here it is January coming to an end, with a blizzard headed for Long Island.  This past week my days are spent with Mike and I going out to various stores, just to walk and get some exercise.  Of course, my problem with that is that I like to make purchases, not just browse.

Very rarely do I make purchases at our local arts and crafts stores, but had this brain storm, why not buy artificial fruit, hence the pears, a wip.  Setting them up on a table with a light, trying to see various tones.  Still a problem for me.
pears, a study in graphite. wip
a cow study, graphite
Next , it was the desire to add variety , so first it was the free photos on the internet of farm animal, because there isn't a cow in site for miles from my home.  One of my favorite themes , farm animals and country kitchen items.
a bottle and eggs, graphite

Next, a white bottle purchased from Michael's arts and craft store.  Thought of Andrew Wyeth and his wonderful drawings and paintings of the very subjects I am motivated to study .  I also purchased some cows , rabbits, and mini barn yard animals from Toy'srus.   So now it time to start my day and get crackin, like my good friend Vic would say.  I do hope everyone that is in the path of the up and coming blizzard will be safe.  Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Looks like you have a large variety of subjects to keep you busy while the snow falls tomorrow. Hopefully it will look pretty through my windows (that all face the same way). Stay safe and warm!

    1. Thanks Joanie, you too. We can always paint the snow through a window. Enjoy the winter wonderland from a safe place.

  2. Great idea to stock up on items to draw. Thats a great cow!
    The storm sounds huge - I hope it isn't as bad as they forecast but at least it is at a weekend and people can stay home...and draw!

    1. We certainly did get hit with 25.9"'s of snow. I did occupy myself with some studies of my purchase.
      Today I attempted another fracturing painting. Tomorrow I will finish it and then try another. Loving the challenge.

  3. Hi my friend.
    You have taken to Drawing in a big way, that`s my girl. All good drawings Joan. All the best.

    1. Thank you my friend, I couldn't sleep last night, so at 12:30 AM I was drawing a rabbit from a rabbit figure I purchased the other day. All the best to you.