Friday, February 26, 2016

After The Blizzard

Smithtown Barn After the Blizzard
5x7 oil on canvas panel
I wanted to do my favorite barn which is part of the Smithtown Historic Society.  Mike and I drove there after the blizzard.  Couldn't really set up and do this one on location, so I took photos.  This is one of the painting I did from my digital photo which was great to work from my ipad.

Funny thing about this barn, it seems every time I paint it, we have a severe weather event.  1st time it was Sandy, this time we had severe rain, wind, thunder storm and a tornado alert.  Maybe I should paint another barn. lol.  Happy painting everyone.


  1. This is a beautiful painting Joan!!! It's amazing how many barns we have here on Long Island....all we have to do is look around.
    You did such a great job on the snow!!!

    1. Hello my friend, hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the visit and very encouraging words. It's true about the barns, maybe some day we can paint together, or take photo's. Spring is on the way. Take care Hilda.

  2. Hi my friend.
    I definightly agree with Our friend Hilda. a beautiful painting and I would say the best i have seen you Paint. First class. Definightly full marks here Joan. All the best my friend.

    1. Hello my friend, you and Hilda a truly supportive friends that I have found since I started blogging. Your opinion and input is very important to me and truly appreciated . Thank you Vic. All the best to you and Rosemary.