Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Still life using the fracturing technique

Today I did a little experiment, using the fracturing technique on a 3x4 mini canvas.  It is very abstract and not completed.  Want the paint to set a bit and I will continue later. Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Awesome piece Joan!!!! Hard to believe the size...so many beautiful details!!!

  2. Thank Hilda I just got my new Samsung Tablet. The last one had to be returned. Had another episode of ocular migrane, you know the zigg zaggs in my vision. Thank goodness it did not last. Take care, hope to see you soon. Joan

  3. I had the same thing but I kept seeing spider webs in my vision which is SO annoying..
    Of course it scared me so that's when I made an appt with the opthomoligist ...he didn't seem worried and by the time I got home it went away... Please keep me posted .!!!

    1. Good morning my friend. We are so much alike lol. Yes, I also was told by the opthomoligist it wasn't a problem. And yes, it doesn't last long, but can be very annoying. Take care and see you soon.