Sunday, June 26, 2016

Primary Colors on Another Day


Still using the primary colors in acrylic.  I purchased this orchard from Trader Joe's so I have been in the studio all week experimenting with the primary colors and using acrylic paint and gloss medium.   This one is still a work in progress, it is my second day working and it is a struggle.  Working in acrylic with just the gloss medium is a very uncomfortable way for me to use acrylic.  I've always used either a water misting bottle or acrylic flow medium.  This technique is all about glazing and layering.  It's a longer process.  I usually like fast alla prima type of painting.  I will stay with this, and keep you posted.  Happy painting everyone.


  1. Lovely tones from just the primaries, Joan. Can't wait to see this after you finish.

  2. Beautiful start Joan! I've had my Orchid plant for many years and the flowers bloom constantly!! I love the vase as well!