Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Morning sketch

The Grange Park in Sayville, an old shed.  Still practicing in watercolor.  This was done on 140lb. Rough w/c paper.  Having fun with this, but must get back to my oils.


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    1. Thank you Jim, all the best to you, Joan.

  2. Joan everytime I see what you call a 'sketch' or practice I have to smile..
    Hope everything is better there. Yes, life has it's anxious times but somehow still take that step.
    I'm posting a quote on my blog, but I'll write it here for you.
    It's made a difference in my thinking lately.. I read it over and over and it really sank in.

    "All stress comes from resisting what is"

    1. BJ thank you my friend. Yes it is better, thank God. BJ what a wonderful quote, this is something that I will do as well. I think I will write it and post it in my art room. Thanks again BJ. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and all is well with you.