Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lake Ronkonkoma

my little side kick Monet
keeping cool under my easel and keeping
the flock of geese away.

Mike reading a history magazine on my

My set up looking down at the lake.
No swimming allowed, but still a beautiful scene
on a lovely day.

My 10x12 acrylic sketch on mdf board.  I very rarely finish on
location.  I will try to finish this one in the studio

Do hope all are enjoying the summer.  It is going by so very fast.  My children and grandchildren have
returned home.  Mike and I are feeling a little blue, but thank God we have interest to keep us going.
Happy Painting everyone


  1. Joan, what a lovely painting, and in acrylic. No matter what medium, you are a master at it.
    Painting will help pass the time without the kids.
    I'm trying oils again after about 30 years. I'd give anything to have lessons from you. Move to Florida !!!!! hugs

    1. BJ come to L.I. I can take lessons from you in watercolor. Hope all is well with you. Summer is almost over. I need to get out more. All the best to you.