Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Last Days of August

Sunken Meadow a study of rocks in casein
Worked from a photo taken at Sunken Meadow

gouache and casein

A study in casein and gouache

Again, casein and gouache

casein study from a photo at the Dahlia

working on location , casein set up, a James Gurney
pochade, the Mike made for me

Started the Dahlia's but didn't finish

Did the study, 8x10 acrylic on canvas panel

Sometimes if feels that I haven't worked on my art enough. The days go by so quickly and I really hate
wasting the beautiful days we've been blessed with recently.  That is why it helps to post on either face book  or my blog.
It's nothing more than an art diary.  But gotta, face book is getting too many post on politics.  Enough is enough.

So now I think maybe blogging and instagram my be better. So fellow artist, these photos are just my way of recording how I  spent the last few weeks of August.  I do hope all of you are enjoying your days as well.  Happy Painty everyone


  1. A beautiful display of your recent works, Joan. Love them all. I agree with you...too much politics on Facebook ....definitely a turn off... I only enjoy the art and family photos!!! It's hard to believe September is around the corner... Soon you'll need to change your color palette!! Lol

  2. Joan, all of these are lovely. My favorite is the little house/shed beyond the garden. But then again you make choosing a favorite very hard.
    I stopped all communication on FB. I really hate that. ok not 'hate' but dislike immensely? LOL.
    I use my blog as a way to record my paintings. That's all.