Friday, November 17, 2017

Short Beach plein air

After being in , nursing a cold all week, need some fresh air.
Mike, Monet and I went to short beach, one of my favorite places to paint.
Didn't want to stay out too long. So I just did an hour oil sketch.  It was great being out.
Caleb Smith Park
8x10 oil

I painted this 8x10 last Saturday morning before I went to the the emergency room, with some back and side paint
I was there all night while they ran test.  Thank God, it was just an urinary tract infection. It took most of the week to get back and then phase 2 a cold.  It seems everyone is getting the seasonal cold.
Stay well my fellow bloggers.  Happy Painting.


  1. We escaped the British cold and came to Australia for three months hot weather. We had 7 weeks of cough and colds!! Looks like the whole world's caught a cold.

    seems strange to see the stores here decked out for Christmas in Summer!

    1. John, I am having a difficult time posting my reply. Hope you feel better and thank you for the visit. All the best to you. Joan