Friday, August 31, 2018

Last Day of August

Bellport Harbor
8x10 oil on canvas panel
Bellport Harbor plein air
white hydrangeas in a vase
still working on this one
in the studio

Well here it is the last day of August.  It has been a brutal week, regarding the unbearable temps high
in the nineties. heat index 100 and sometimes higher.
This brings me to what I have been thinking.  Most of my work has been quick studies , plein air. I am now thinking of
studio painting and doing larger pieces of all of my small plein air sketches.
I love painting outdoors and this requires so much discipline for me, but I did this when I first started painting. My good friend Vic, once said, studio painting is just as challenging as plein air.  He was so right, God Bless his soul.

That being said, I am adding the artist I follow, it is just a start and plan to get back most of my favorites in the next few days.
I look forward to seeing and following your post.  Happy Panting everyone.


  1. Joan, I've always loved your small paintings . I think your idea to go larger is smart. Do some larger ones and see what happens.
    I paint mostly small also, ;but have always been told that it's large that catches the eye. In your case you have the ability to do both. Your painting of Hydrangeas is lovely.
    I know you miss your friend Vic, and I'm so sorry . Yes, he was a gentle soul, a good artist and he's missed in blogsville .
    Take care my friend, and watch that heat. I don't know how you tolerate being outside, as I can't do it..

    1. Hi BJ, thank you for the vote of confidence in my pursuit of a larger painting. So glad you made a comment. Just added your blog to my side bar. I'm on my way to visit you.

  2. Joan your oils are just lovely. I always admire those who can paint outdoors. It has its challenges. Will be looking forward to seeing your larger works. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Just added you to my sidebar. I will pay you a visit.

  3. A beautiful display of your paintings Joan! I have commented in the past that some of your small paintings would look wonderful in a larger I'm glad you will be doing this. I as well miss Vic so much....he always made me smile with his comments. Enjoy your weekend, my friend!!!

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  5. Joan I may be looking in the wrong place, but concerned that I haven't seen you on Blogger... Are you ok? please write me..

  6. Joan I'm so concerned about you. Please write me,