Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thoughts of Spring

Today the temps dropped very low.  too cold to go out.  Mike and I stayed in, I painted he did some searches on the internet comparing cars. So the day continued and it was all good. 

Just trying to get back to watercolors, I set up on the kitchen table, some artificial flowers in a glass jar.
I will now watch some tv and crochet with Monet cuddling next to me. 

The simple things in life mean so much, it's just a matter of paying attention. Happy Painting everyone.


  1. This is a beautiful still life Joan. A reminder that Spring is just around the corner! Beautiful colors!!!! Enjoy this “brisk” day. Lol

    1. Good morning my friend. Thank you. Will it ever be warmer. Another cold day in the teens. But yes, Spring is just around the corner. Stay warm.

  2. Joan love those white daisies...your watercolors are just as lovely as your oils. Sounds to me like you know what to do when the weather is cold outdoors. Hope you have a super day. Hugs!

  3. Good morning Debbie, thank you for the lovely comment.All the best to you.