Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Painting with friends

w/c on Khadi paper

Yesterday, I met  up with friends at the Smithtown Library.  Artist meet there every Tuesday. It is a pleasant group of very talented artist.  We all do our own thing, some paint in oil, or gouache. acrylic or oil.  I take my ipad with me to work from my own photos. 

It's always a shot in the arm to be with fellow artist, each has his or hers ideas and subject matter to paint. One gentleman was working on a large oil.  He photoshopped several photos using  something like adobe but less expensive.  He supper imposes the photos to create his own composition.  I have never seen that done before. He said he purchased one of the cheaper programs and installed it into his computer, so that he could create from photos from the net but make them his own by just using several different photos. Amazing.

The other artist just chose photos from various places.  They all have great drawing skills.  I choose to work from life or my own photos, not having to worry about copyright laws. The only problem what that is what if you want to paint jungle animals or farm animals.  As for people they are all over, and can be painted just by going outdoors.
As you can tell I am procrastinating this morning, so I will leave there.  Happy Painting everhyone.


  1. Beautiful! I always say painting with other artists is good for your soul. Stuck in a studio is pretty lonely sometimes. I can entertain myself though. Ha.

  2. Wonderful post Joan. I usually paint at home ....however, I have two groups that I go to which I absolutely love.... my Friday LI Portrait group and my Wednesday group with amazing Artists and terrific people .... after we paint we have a critique time which we talk about the painting.... so much fun. The zoo is where I get my animal reference photos....
    I LOVE your watercolor landscape.... always great to see a little of Long Island in your paintings!!!

  3. What a lovely work Joan. It is truly uplifting to spend time with fellow artists. It always gives me a new perspective. I have a dear friend who taught me how to use watercolors. When we get together for a few hours it is like putting me back in that special place. Have a delightful day.