Thursday, May 9, 2019

Good Morning

Bellport Beach gouache 5x7

I spent a few days working in gouache.  It's a lovely medium to work with, sometimes just want the watercolor to be more opaque.
Stony Brook gouache studies

I did three mini sketches in gouache of Stony Brook.  Purchased this frame from Savers thrift shop. Which inspired me to do the three sketches.
Playing with gouache
5x7 Day at the Lake

It is wonderful do a beach scene on a rainy spring day, the promise of what is to come. The end of the month I will be
joining my friend at the Fire Island Light house to do some plein air painting. Today my friend and I will be going to the Sayville Maritime to do some plein air painting.  The weather , sunny but cool. After a day in the studio yesterday it is time for some fresh air. Happy painting everyone.


  1. Joan thanks for your visit and I appreciate your comments.
    I see your working in gouache and that's something I've not tried... but you, a brave soul do it all. And you do it so well.

  2. Your plein air paintings are always so good, Joan. I've never worked with gouache but love to see it. I look forward to seeing your work at Fire Island... I went there a few times for my reference photos... but I took a boat from Freeport... I think I need to do that soon again.
    Happy Mothers Day, my friend!!!

  3. These are lovely sketches Joan and I'm feeling inspired. A long time ago, far too long, I bought a set of Gouache paints so I could have a 'play' and see what they were all about. Typical of me, the tin lays unopened in the bottom of an art draw. Only last week I was thinking it was time I dusted them off and had-a-go and your wonderful sketches are the final push I need. I hope I can do half as well as you. ;-)