Monday, July 27, 2020

Keeping Cool

West Lake Water Lilies
8x10 oil study

Yesterday was a good day, stayed in with the ac blasting and painted this 8x10 water lily pond, from one of my photos.
Last week I actually went to West Lake in Patchogue did a quick 6x6 acrylic sketch on canvas.  It was way too  hot to continue, so I took lots of photos .

What is that message that is posted on Blogger about UK and cookies.  All too much for my old brain to comprehend. Oh well Happy Painting everyone.

If you live on L.I. this blasted heat wave will come to an end on Wednesday.  Stay Cool Everyone.


  1. SO beautiful Joan!!!! I went outside and it’s definitely going to be a hot one today!!!! But I love summer so I’ll take it!!!! Lol. Enjoy your day!!!!

    1. Thank you my friend. Enjoy the summer, I like the long days. But now August 1st. This when the days get shorted Take care.

  2. Joan caught up on your previous posts. Your art is so lovely whatever medium you choose to work in. This water lily is a beautiful study. Yes we are all very weary with the virus...just good to get outdoors and forget for a time all the concerns and crazy things happening in the world. Take care.