Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frank F. Penney, WIP

Frank F. Penney
I would love to say that it was because the panel used was not taking the paint and gave me mega problems, or maybe, knowing that my grand children are coming, just couldn't pull it together.  But what I must say,  to quote the West Point Cadets   "No Excuses Sir".. 

My little chicks are coming tonight, so there will be no painting or posting for the next few days.  I will wish you all Happy Painting, and I will look forward to your post.

Oh, forgot to mention, this past weekend I did a show at the Brush Barn in Smithtown and sold some work. It was great fun.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Frank F. Penney WIP, Northport Harbor WIP

Frank F. Penney boat builders 
Northport Harbor

Last week I started these two 11x14 acrylics on panel.  Still determined to do the Penney boat builder building,  and changed the composition a bit.  The second, Northport Harbor.  Mike and I had a wonderful Sunday, we went to Northport what a wonderful town.  Everyone was with their families and walking their dogs.  We sat on the dock and I did a short hand sketch of the scene and came home and began my painting. There is still much to do on both of these paintings, hopefully they will done before the kids come.

What was also great about the day, we found a beautiful coffee set at a garage sale, which is already in the works to be a painting.

Yesterday we had a art show at the Brush Barn in Smithtown, it was wonderful hanging out with my fellow artist. I sold a painting and a few prints.  On Wednesday, my daughter and her family will be visiting.  Oh yes, my little ones will be here and I can't wait.  I do hope all of you are doing well, happy painting to all.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes, It's Springtime"

Still working in watercolor, the copper pot and the little red tulips.  I actually did so many more studies.  I am truly wishing that the weather would get a little bit warmer, maybe today Mike and I will go out even if it means sitting in the car to sketch. Happy painting everyone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Two With Charles Reid

My second day home from Virginia, missing my grand children, keeping busy.   What I love the most about studying a new technique, is that it's so incredibly difficult. There isn't a preconceive notion that I know what I am doing, hence , no expectations for success, and acceptance of failure.  All par for the course.  That being said, on to a life drawing experiment the Charles Reid way.  Happy painting everyone.

Monday, April 2, 2012

When the Student Is Ready etc.

New studies
more studies

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Heard that said once. But it is so very true.  We returned from visiting my daughter and the grand children yesterday.  I was so eager to get back to my fellow bloggers and my art work.  I received my Charles Reid dvds on floral painting and Charles Reid watercolor secrets. It isn't that my ambition is to copy his style, rather it's to learn anything that will help me grow as an artist.  Bruce Sherman pointed out that everything is connected in a still life to bring the composition together.  As it should be when painting my Frank F. Penney boatyard painting.  Right on, that is exactly what makes a good composition. 

I can see most of you have been posting lovely work, so I will pay you all a visit.  Happy Painting everyone.