Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recent work

Hydrangea in a green cut glass fruit bowl,  Gouache
Stony Brook, 9x12 1 hr. study
Stony Brook, a study

These are some of the paintings I have been doing.  The first is a gouache on paper.  White hydrangea plant that blooms at the end of the summer.
The second is a larger 1hr. study of Stony Brook, behind the Grist Mill.
The third is again Stony Brook, this time I studied the David Dunlop technique in oil. not finished, just a study.

I now have my new plein air paint box, that Mike bought for me, so me thinks it time to get out as much as possible to paint plein air.

Happy Painting Everyone.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back On Course

East Islip Marina
5x7 oil on panel, 1hr. study
5x7 oil on canvas panel, lhr. study
5x7 plein air on card stock, gouache
5x7 oil on panel, 1hr. study

Where has the time gone?  September is just around the corner.  I hope everyone is enjoying their  summer, with family, friends, and of course painting.  Even though I haven't posted on my blog, I have been enjoying all of your latest work on my side panel.  I took up the challenge of painting 1hr. paintings, in between my other studies.
It is quite interesting to realize how long an hour can be, especially when painting small formats like the 5x7.  But some how I also achieved the same working on larger 11x14 pieces as well.  The trick is, not to think, just paint, actually, I love it, not thinking, it comes quite natural to me.

Kevin Mac Pherson recommends doing these quickies in his book.  A fellow artist on Long Island reminded me on Facebook to give it a try, hence, here are my studies, warts and all. But I love doing these, so it doesn't really matter.  Also it's a great learning tool, it's a way of possibly planning for a larger paining in the future.  Well that's about it folks.  Happy Painting to all of my fellow bloggers.  Oh, I actually met Hilda, okay must look up the spelling of her last name, I will write more about this in a future post.
Pastels by H.Muxo, real life blogger in person, could not believe we met.  She is a wonderful artist and a wonderful person.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painting to the Beat of the Drums

Painting at the Vanderbilt Museum , Live Art and Drum Festival 
Vanderbilt Estate Overlooking Long Island Sound
5x7 Gouache

Sunday was one of those glorious days on Long Island.  Rich Rivkin  has created and organized these events.  Joining musicians and artist to come together and do what they love.  Paint, dance or play music.  It usually takes place on these magnificent sites such as the Vanderbilt Estate great lawn over looking Long Island Sound or the Heckscher Park Museum in Huntington.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Avalon Park

Avalon Park 11x14
Avalon Park 2
Avalon Park

It's going on 5:56 am, I have been up since 4am.  So okay, I am an early riser.  This  is my recent attempt at  taking a painting from a plein air sketch and paint a larger version of the scene,   Unfortunately it was a failed attempt, it just became overworked and my enthusiasm was lost in the attempt.

Lesson learned, to know when to stop, with every brushstroke in hopes of capturing the freshness of the first study it became evident it wasn't to be.   Hence the lesson, To Know When To Stop.

So my fellow bloggers, enjoy your day, and happy painting.  Today is supposed to be a glorious day on Long Island, a great day for plein air.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Roses in a glass jar , gouache
45 minute oil sketch plein air

Here it is August 3r., where has the time gone, summer is almost over.  The days are already
getting shorter.  At 5am this morning it was still dark.  My grandchildrens visit was fast and furious.  Not realizing how Mike and I have settled into our mellow lifestyle, it was quite an eye opener when the wee ones were visiting.  With all the hustle and bustle I miss them so much, it hurts.  But enough about that,what's next.

Painting, studying and more painting.   Bruce, yesterday it was outdoors in the heat and humidity, couldn't last more than 45 min.  hence, the second photo, 6x8 oil on board.

The first is a gouache study on paper.  Michael B. thank you again for directing me to Ralph Parker's blog and also Pamela Kay is a wonderful artist located on my side bar.  She paints in oils and gouache.  Her work is amazing.

Vic, I wasn't able to open this picture you sent via email.  Well my fellow bloggers, stay cool and enjoy the wonderful summer days we have left for painting outdoors.  Happy painting everyone.